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ICECREAM 2012 Fall/Winter T-Shirt Collection
The latest collection by ICECREAM has now hit the stores and sees the release of the fall/winter collection. The t-shirt collection has a variety of tees with graphics on a range of different colors you can get your hands on. Head on over to the BBC/ICECREAM’s web store and check out what’s in stock.
Supreme 2012 Autumn/Winter Lookbook
As summer is almost drawing to an end, Supreme are preparing for the next season as they have released a lookbook for autumn/winter. The lookbook features Jason Dill posing in a range of the brand’s clothing which also sees a collaboration with Schott as well as many other items to satisfy many people’s taste. The clothing will be available to purchase via flagship stores as well as the online store.
Pop over to Hypebeast and have a look at the lookbook for autumn/winter 2012.
OFWGKTA x Warsteiner Special Edition Beer
The Californian collective Odd Future have teamed up with the German beer company Warsteiner to create a special limited edition beer bottle which will be only be sold at the pop-up in Paris. The pop-up shop will be running from August 20th to August 25th and on the 23rd, there will be a special in-store performance by Odd Future. The bottles are only available to those that are at the pop-up store.
colette213 rue Saint Honoré75001 ParisFrance

Frank Ocean - ‘Pink Matter’ feat. André 3000 (Sivey Slow Burn Edit)

Frank Ocean’s collaborative jam with André 3000 on the album 'Channel Orange' receives a special treatment for fans to listen to and enjoy, all dealt by a producer from Manchester, UK called Sivey who serves us the 'Pink Matter' cut with a more funky/electronic tone layered on top of the original work.

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Waldo - ‘Poison’ (Prod. by Sango)

Sharing with you today is some music coming from the hometown, Grand Rapids, MI, which is currently the home to two incredibly talented artists. A lot of you may not know of a rapper who goes by the name of Waldo, but I can guarantee you that the young emcee is surely the future and one of the best artist I’ve heard coming from home. Pairing up with the the rising upcoming producer, Sango, who is also currently based in Grand Rapids, the duo provide us with a track taken from Waldo’s latest mixtape 'PYOP: Pick Your Own Poison', entitled 'Poison'.

Play play below and enjoy the new song. Make sure you head over to Waldo’s BandCamp where you can get your hands on the latest project on a name-your-price term.

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Is Homophobia Dying in Hip Hop?

There once was a time in music where songs were written by the prospective of a heterosexual person who was writing for “everyone” to relate to, and what was interesting about this was that not everyone is a heterosexual human being. There once was a time where we just assumed all musicians that made music were straight and love the opposite sex, because we assume their sexuality by the content of their lyrics, by how they dress and who they hang around, not knowing that many artists in the future would come out in their true form eventually. Welcome to today’s music generation; a generation which is now much more open about their thoughts and inner feelings, a generation that dares to explore such the wonderful and creative world of art, a generation of controversy.

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Terry Crews | ‘Old Spice Muscle Music’ (Interactive Viral Video)

Stop what you are doing and watch this video. I repeat, stop what you are doing!

This is officially one of THE best and most entertaining videos of 2012 and it comes from the hilarious macho-man Terry Crew who does what he knows best.. being Terry Crews. Surely this man deserves an award for this.

Old Spice have teamed up with the ‘Expendable 2’ actor to create an internet viral campaign which sees Crews create music by using each part of his body. The humorous video also allows you to interact after watching it and manipulating each of his muscles by hitting the keys on your very own keyboard.

So hit play and enjoy. Hopefully DEADFREAKS has made someone’s morning and smile with something amusing to start of the day with.

Good morning and have a great day!

Unlimited LOLs

I/O - ‘You Slay Me’

Meet Ayo Olatunji, a young and talented singer based in New York who has brought us the fantastic collections of work entitled 8-Bit Love and Isolation. Fresh from the previous mixtape, the singer provides us with a brand new song entitled You Slay Me.

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LRG x Complex Present: DJ Jazzy Jeff - Life Colors

Previously, we had the collaborative mixtape with Mick Boogie, Summertime Vol. 3 which featured so many classic summer jams to vibe to throughout the sizzling season of sun, now, we get the latest mixtape in conjunction with LRG and Complex who present to us DJ Jazzy Jeff’s latest compilation Life Colors.

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Breezy Lovejoy - Sadie (Music Video)

As spotted on DEADFREAKS who brought attention to this rising artist a while back with an acoustic performance of Lovejoy’s P.Y.P. (Play Your Part) on KnockSteady TV, the singer/rapper/producer has gone on to release a self-directed music video for the O.B.E. single Sadie, which sees Breezy (no relations to Chris Brown) on a grind motivated by having to cope with no money to support a family, who proceeds to rob a little store. A very talented artist who I’m sure you will enjoy listening to once you press play on the video.

The album O.B.E. Vol 1 is a free download via Bandcamp, so head over there and get your hands on a digital copy of the LP.

A$AP Rocky - 'Goldie' (Late Night With Jimmy Fallon)

The other night, Harlem rapper A$AP Rocky made his debut appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s late-night TV show, where he performed the LongLiveA$AP single Goldie, backed by The Roots. Hit play to check out the live performance of the song.

LongLiveA$AP will be hitting stores on September 11th but before that, we will be blessed with the A$AP Mob mixtape entitled Lord$ Never Worry, which drops next week.

How to Become Famous.. By Pretending to be Famous

Welcome to today’s society where anyone can become a celebrity and idolized over doing nothing at all. It’s a generation of celebrities that have gained fame for nothing spectacular or appearing on a reality TV show, rather than putting in the hard work and effort into getting to the position one wants to be in life.

Brett Cohen, a 21 year-old make from New York has gone out on the street of NY to pull off a social project which sees him transform into a celebrity overnight. The film highlights how easy it is to become a celeb if you’re smart enough and also sheds light on how sad today’s celebrity-obsessed pop culture really is as nobody even know who the man is, but because he has an entourage, photographers and people pretending to interview him who he called on to make it happen, people believed he is a genuine celebrity. Some claiming he’s in Spider-Man or have heard his music.

Cudos to Cohen for showing how easy it is to be “famous”.

The Art of Rap - Kanye West Outtake

Here’s an outtake taken from the ICE-T documentary 'The Art of Rap' which sees Kanye West discuss his writing process and how he shapes his lyrics to get the message across.

Glam Shell - Champagne

A new beat filled with high-pitched samples and nice chops hits us all as the Louisville producer drops a brand new beat entitled Champagne.

Hit play, stream and enjoy.

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